Lindsey Bleem, Jason Henning, & Randall H. Landsberg
The goals of this workshop are to demystify the recent front page news about the detection of B-mode polarization in measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and to enable participants to craft a "science minute" presentation applicable to their home institution. A concise science overview talk will be followed by a break out session where teams will sketch out a "science minute" and then present their ideas to the other participants and the scientific experts. We will explore why the South Pole is the best place on earth for CMB observations, the different flavors of B-modes (or "swirls") encoded in the CMB's polarization, and the profound impact that these observations may have on our understanding of the Universe and inflation.

Workshop Materials
  • Presentation slides (pdf & keynote)
  • Selected visuals for science minute exercise (pdf)
  • Workshop paper (coming soon - pdf)